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The Truro Business Park is home to nearly 70 existing businesses which perform a wide variety of uses such as distribution, manufacturing, processing, and warehousing, with the largest employers in textiles and plastics.

Businesses located within the Truro Business Park enjoy the following strategic advantages:

  • Quick and convenient access to Highway #102 and the Trans-Canada Highway.
  • Location in a major commercial center, and the largest Town along with the Halifax to Moncton Growth Corridor.
  • Direct rail line access to a number of locations within the Park, and located at the intersection of Atlantic Canada’s main north-south and east-west rail lines.
  • Located 65 km to the Halifax Stanfield International Airport and 160 km to the Greater Moncton International Airport.
  • Located 20 km to the Debert Airport, a smaller local airport.
  • Access to several nearby seaports, including the Port of Halifax, in one of the world’s largest natural harbours in Halifax.
  • Fully serviced, reasonably priced lots.
  • The most cost-competitive business location of any major city or town in Canada or the United States, according to the 2012 KPMG study on International Business Location Costs.

As the regional leader in the promotion of industrial development in central Nova Scotia, Truro offers an excellent opportunity for new and established industrial investment. The combination of a well-trained, highly skilled workforce and superb quality of life contribute to Truro's continued industrial success. Over the years, the success of the industrial sector has contributed to the stability and the sense of security for both the Town and industry alike.

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Overview and Administration

The Truro Business Park is owned by the Town of Truro and is administered by the Truro Industrial Development Society. Within the Truro Business Park, the Town of Truro is responsible for the maintenance of streets, domestic and storm sewers, water supply systems, street lighting and snow removal from streets. The Town of Truro also has a local municipal police force, the Truro Police Service, and career fire service, the Truro Fire Service, which both provide 24-hour service to the community.


The Park is located near the center of what is now commonly referred to in business and economic development communities as the Halifax-Moncton Growth Corridor, the most populous region in Atlantic Canada. From a more micro point of view, the Park is located south of the Central Business District. It is bounded to the west by Willow Street and the Canadian National Railway mainline; to the east by residential development; and to the south by the Town’s southern border. The Park lies on a fairly level section of land that gradually rises to the east and south. The northern end of the park lies approximately 150 feet above the Salmon River estuary and rises to 250 feet at the southern end of the park. The park has excellent drainage, with surface water draining east into McClures Brook. There is no ponding in the Park and soil conditions in the Park are consistent with the rich agricultural land of the Truro area.

All developed and available lands are fully serviced or serviceable with water, sewer and electrical services. Water and sewer mains within the park are provided by the Town of Truro.


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